The annual examination is intended to focus attention on areas of your health that may cause problems for you in the future.  It is a time to discuss your health habits and concerns prior to them becoming health problems or illness.  Contraception, prenatal planning, breast health, sexuality, hormone therapy as well as general health topics such as smoking, alcohol use, diet and exercise are some of the topics that are addressed during your annual health maintenance visit.  Additionally, screening tests are often  offered at an annual exam.  Some examples of screening tests include the pap test, mammograms and tests to screen for asymptomatic chlamydia.  Finally, management of your chronic medication is usually handled during an annual well women examination.  Despite the changing recommendation concerning the frequency of pap testing, annual preventative visit are still recommended and encouraged.

For more information concerning Annual Exams, please visit The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists website (