Access the patinet portal from

Click on the “log in here” button with the green leaf

Enter PIN number, home phone number and date of birth

If you receive the message “Log in information incorrect, please try again

  • Click the “create an account” link

This requires 3 steps.

1. locate your profile

2. verify your phone, (a call will be placed to the number listed)

3. create new PIN number

  • Call the office to verify your information

If you receive the message “We were unable to locate your patient record”,

  • Call the office to verify your information

If you forget your PIN number,

  • Click the “forgot PIN number” link and follow the three steps (see “create an account” section above)


Things you CAN DO:

Add your phone number for text messaging.             Update your contact preferences under “My Profile”


Update your address                                                     Edit your contact information under “My profile”


View your insurance information                                 Enter “My Profile”/Insurance


View or send message to the doctor                            Enter “Message” area


Request a refill                             Enter “Message” area and select  “prescription and refill” message type


View your results                                                          Enter “My Health”/Test Results


View a summary of your visit                                     Enter “Appointment”/Past


View payment history and statements                     Enter “Billing” area


Make a payment                                                          Enter “Billing” area, select “pay now” button.

You will need to select how much you would like to pay, re-enter your login information and then enter your payment information